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Barbecue Family Fun Afternoon

Lynne and Les Coopers House

Sunday 4 September 2022


I am not usually a chip lover! But…… the chips that Julie and Andrew created for the recent BBQ family fun event were very good indeed. I even had seconds!! The Toulouse sausages and other delicacies lovingly cooked to perfection over the coals by Colin, were also highly satisfactory, and the desserts very tasty. So, I think we can say that the food was definitely a hit.

The company – well, there was a lot of chat, plenty of sunshine, and a good mix of ages from young people in their 20s to…… um we might gloss over that one! And the temperature of the weather matched the temperature of the mood – pleasant, warm and breezy. 


The games – this was an introduction for most of us to something called Mölky, which turned out to be fun – chucking a thick stick at a bunch of smaller sticks, with numbers written on their diagonally cut tops. The rules were a little complicated but Julie and Jocelyne seemed to know what they were doing, and helped out where necessary. Even Val managed very well from her seated position to hurl the thick stick in the right direction, so well done to her! The Boules/Petanque went its usual merry way, with plenty of discussion about whose ball was closer to the jack, and the extra challenge coming from the slope on the Coopers’ driveway, resulting in the need for a little bit of spin, here and there. The winning pair were Andrew and Julie – I am sure Andrew was on the winning team last year, so we need a serious challenger next year!



There was a raffle – which made a very small profit, and an auction of 2 rose climbers – kindly donated by Shan and Martin in aid of the Association. Thank you to those who bid, and paid up. May your roses bloom and flourish!

And of course, our thanks go to our kind host and hostess – Lynne and Les Cooper – for opening up their home and lovely garden to us all, so that we could enjoy a late summer BBQ with excellent entertainment and conviviality.

Jane Perkins






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