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Welcome to the AFACTP website. This is a work in progress and want to add more as time goes on. With access to “whats on”, “gardening club” and links to the facebook page. We welcome your comments for improvement, please email Colin. Thank you and enjoy.

Sell, Swap, Donate


As a family of Hoarders with plenty of space to store things it has always been difficult to get rid of things…..

Some things are too good to throw away, 

“One Mans’ Trash is another Mans’ Treasure!”

I for one have in recent years discovered a couple of amazing websites that may be of use to some of you who do not already know….

Momox – https://www.momox-shop.fr

Buy & Sell books

Vinted – https://www.vinted.fr

Buy & Sell clothes and a whole lot more

Both  been amazing as well as Facebook marketplace…  

Maybe there is something that you are looking for that you just can’t find, or that you don’t want to spend a lot on, someone else may have one in a cupboard that they haven’t used in years and would be glad to sell or exchange…..???

We have therefore decided to “RELAUNCH” this page as a kind of homage to “SWAP SHOP” .

This will be on a new page on the menu bar above


Walking Group

Interested parties had a short walk at the ‘Plan d’eau’ in St Hillaire and a meeting at the Turpin’s house to discuss the calender for this years walking group


Walking Calender 2023

March 26th – Cliff Walk

April  23rd – Parigne

May  14th – Pontorson

June 18th  – Le ferre

July 16th  – Petit Celland

August 20th  – Levare

September 17th – TBC

October 22nd  – Ernee

November 19th – TBC

December 17th – Vitre or Domfront



  • MARCH ; 26th Meet at the Parking Cabane Vaubin on the coast between Avranches and Sartilly, (D973) turn left onto the D61 from Sartilly then turn left onto the D911, continue over the river Lude then turn right and right again look for the parking on your left to the parking for a challenging cliff/forest circuit. https://goo.gl/maps/3gALXN9k27wMMtvG8 approx 5km but with lots of ups and downs. From Cabane Vaubin along the cliffs down to Port de Lude then turn inland following the river through forest back up the hill to the Parking. Spectacular views as a reward for the effort. You need stout shoes/boots for this one it’ll be boggy in a few places I expect. Suitable for dogs but it depends on the dog, it’s a bit tricky in places. 
  • NB I will postpone/cancel this one if it’s been raining as it’s quite boggy and slippery, check your emails in the am for an alternative. There’s not a café near here so bring a flask and a nibble for after in the carpark if you like.


  • APRIL; Walk to be led by Shan and Martin Walker at Parigné between Louvigné du Désert and Fougéres. Meet at the Parking. Ruisseau du Marais for a walk around the lake. https://www.google.fr/maps/search/48.448845,+-1.195270. Total walk is only 2km but this is a nature reserve so there’s lots to look at. We will walk around La Tourbiere peat bog and hope to spot some wildlife as it’s a hibernation and nesting area for waterfowl, if you own binoculars you can use them from the bird hide. Aprés-rando refreshments and a garden/greenhouse visit are offered by Shan and Martin at their house 5 mins from La Tourbiere. Flattish sandy path but could be a bit boggy so boots needed. This being a nature reserve it’s probably not a good idea to bring dogs, or keep them on a lead?

Note from Shan Walker :

MEETING PLACE: 7 Le Gasset, 35133  Parigne

(ample parking)  house is a longere on D115

  • MAY; 14th Walk to be led by Ann and Rob Mann. 8km starting at Pontorson following the river Couesnon towards Mont st Michel. Directions; Coming the direction of St James/St Hilaire du H on the D30 or the RN175 drive through Pontorson and continue over the river bridge until you come to the roundabout, turn right onto the D977/rue du Mascaret, you will see the new parking and picnic area on your right, we will meet here. https://goo.gl/maps/3HXzDoVoL9NEAtZz7
  • JUNE; Walk to be led by Les and Lynne Cooper. Meet at ……Circuit du Pors aux Chouans, Le Ferré near st James. 5-6km flat surface, easy walk, dogs welcome https://www.google.fr/maps/search/48.493234,+-1.293752
  • JULY ; Walk to be led by Jocelyne at Le Petit Celland flattish easy 4km.
  • AUGUST; Walk to be led by Keith Needs starting at the Parking in Levaré on the D33 between Gorron and St Ellier du Maine. https://goo.gl/maps/5wxSFYTEHTDcuvp56
  • The Sentier botanique walk is about 9km 2.5 hrs easy to mid beautiful summer walk with plenty to see and a midway break at the Need’s house for refreshments.
  • SEPTEMBER; Walk to be led by Colin Wood, TBC
  • OCTOBER; …… Ernée, mixed train track and road 4km flattish, easy.Keith?
  • NOVEMBER; Free for a suggestion 
  • DECEMBER; Vitré or Domfront historic town visit, Christmas market?

  • Other suggestions are a repeat visit to Fosse Arthour, St Fraimbault.


Barbecue Family Fun Afternoon

Lynne and Les Coopers House

Sunday 4 September 2022


I am not usually a chip lover! But…… the chips that Julie and Andrew created for the recent BBQ family fun event were very good indeed. I even had seconds!! The Toulouse sausages and other delicacies lovingly cooked to perfection over the coals by Colin, were also highly satisfactory, and the desserts very tasty. So, I think we can say that the food was definitely a hit.

The company – well, there was a lot of chat, plenty of sunshine, and a good mix of ages from young people in their 20s to…… um we might gloss over that one! And the temperature of the weather matched the temperature of the mood – pleasant, warm and breezy. 


The games – this was an introduction for most of us to something called Mölky, which turned out to be fun – chucking a thick stick at a bunch of smaller sticks, with numbers written on their diagonally cut tops. The rules were a little complicated but Julie and Jocelyne seemed to know what they were doing, and helped out where necessary. Even Val managed very well from her seated position to hurl the thick stick in the right direction, so well done to her! The Boules/Petanque went its usual merry way, with plenty of discussion about whose ball was closer to the jack, and the extra challenge coming from the slope on the Coopers’ driveway, resulting in the need for a little bit of spin, here and there. The winning pair were Andrew and Julie – I am sure Andrew was on the winning team last year, so we need a serious challenger next year!



There was a raffle – which made a very small profit, and an auction of 2 rose climbers – kindly donated by Shan and Martin in aid of the Association. Thank you to those who bid, and paid up. May your roses bloom and flourish!

And of course, our thanks go to our kind host and hostess – Lynne and Les Cooper – for opening up their home and lovely garden to us all, so that we could enjoy a late summer BBQ with excellent entertainment and conviviality.

Jane Perkins






Gardening Group

The Gardening group has been going for a few years now and has proved to be very popular. It is also about the only thing that has been able to continue througout the current restrictions. 

What we do

Things of interest

By clicking below you will find interesting facts, recipes, members projects etc.


As you should all now be more than aware memberships are due.  If you have not paid yours then you will not receive any more newsletters.…..

You will see that we finally have some dates in the diary for the coming month the first of which is the long awaited Members event where we will be combining some outdoor games along with the opportunity for some Fish and Chips.  Please see the following page for full details and how to reserve your spot

We do hope you will re-join the Association and thank you all for your patience during the Covid restrictions.

Please note on the membership form that they need to be sent to Jane’s new address.

This is on the bottom of the membership form.


By clicking below you will open our membership form. Please print out fill in and send to our treasurer.