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Welcome to the AFACTP website. This is a work in progress and want to add more as time goes on. With access to “whats on”, “gardening club” and links to the facebook page. We welcome your comments for improvement, please email Colin. Thank you and enjoy.



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The Spectacular Floralies Internationales in Nantes is only every 4 years, and this is the year, 17th-26th May. Not to be missed!


It is the biggest international Flower/Horticultural show in France. There is a coach company in St Hilaire doing a trip;- Gandon Evasion, where you can book tickets to go to the show.

On certain nights there is an evening firework display and the coach trip stays late for this.

Details can be found on the official site of the event and by contacting Gandon Evasion for details of the coach trip.

We are going but prefer to find a hotel and stay over, It’ll be worth it! Enjoy!


Les Spectaculaires Floralies Internationales de Nantes n’ont lieu que tous les 4 ans, et cette année, du 17 au 26 mai. À ne pas manquer!C’est le plus grand salon international de fleurs et d’horticulture en France. Il y a une compagnie de bus à St Hilaire qui fait le trajet ; – Gandon Evasion, vous pourrez réserver des billets pour aller au spectacle.Certains soirs, un feu d’artifice est organisé en soirée et le voyage en autocar reste tard pour cela.Les détails sont à retrouver sur le site officiel de l’événement et en contactant Gandon Evasion pour les détails du voyage en autocar.Nous y allons mais préférons trouver un hôtel et y séjourner, ça vaut le coup ! Apprécier!


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Gardening Group

The Gardening group has been going for a few years now and has proved to be very popular. It is also about the only thing that has been able to continue througout the current restrictions. 

What we do

Things of interest

By clicking below you will find interesting facts, recipes, members projects etc.


As you should all now be more than aware memberships are due.  If you have not paid yours then you will not receive any more newsletters.…..

You will see that we finally have some dates in the diary for the coming month the first of which is the long awaited Members event where we will be combining some outdoor games along with the opportunity for some Fish and Chips.  Please see the following page for full details and how to reserve your spot

We do hope you will re-join the Association and thank you all for your patience during the Covid restrictions.

Please note on the membership form that they need to be sent to Jane’s new address.

This is on the bottom of the membership form.


By clicking below you will open our membership form. Please print out fill in and send to our treasurer.